Friday, March 03, 2006

My Ex love affairs!

Well my relationship with bikes started at a very young age, think I was six when I got my first bike, this is me on a Honda Z50 back on the farm in Victoria, check out the crash hat and the bike sporting the number five on the front, very racey hey!

Then I moved up in the world, doubled in cc's and size, another Honda, an XR100. I still remember the day dad bought it home I could not beleive the power this thing had and immediately I dreamed of new frontiers I could go, beyond the farm and to the neighbouring wildlife reserve, the world was my oyster, well the mallee was anyway!

The Honda 100 did me well but I grew taller and that engine power I once thought was amzing became a lack of when racing my mate around the reserve.
So after working hard all summer I manged to buy my first bike myself, a brand new Yamaha TT350, I was 15, probably weighed somewhere around 50 odd kilos so once again this beast went like the wind. I think the first week I had it all I could do was look out the back and watch the rooster tail from the back wheel and could do speeds I only ever imagined!

After the Yamaha I went without a bike for about 6 months, first time in my life with out one for over ten years, so with some major withdrawal symptoms and the fact I lost my car lisence for a few months I needed something to fill my time in so I invested for my pleasure another Honda machine this time a CR500, two stroke motor cross bike. When it comes to the pinnicle in power this was it......alas it proved harder to stay on at times, the pic shows where I come to greif on one occassion right in the middle of a puddle....but thats the fun part!!

Then I moved to the city and it was just to hard to find good dirt to go and rip up so goodbye dirt bikes and hello road bikes. Was never to interested in road riding but it opened up a whole new world to me, I absolutley loved it, my first roady was this Honda(think you can tell by now I like Honda), a Honda Fireblade CBR900, now something that could do 180 in second gear I don't think I have to explain what it was like.......!
(below Honda Fireblade 900)

Had the Honda for a few years and in this time did buy myself another dirt bike, an XR 600 but after I wrapped it around a tree I got rid of the old donkey. But sold the Fireblade and got my dream bike a Ducati 996(below)

And thats it my Ex Love affairs!


Big AL said...

so thats what you look like with hair mate

ebin said...

Currently reading the book. Loving it. Just about to begin part 2. Thank you